Pro Wrestling Ring 16' x 16' Complete Deluxe Package

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  • All steel interlocking frame 
  • Corner Posts are constructed with 4-inch square steel tubes, 8-feet tall (can be made shorter if requested) 
  • 2"x2" steel side rails with 1/8" walls, 14" tall 
  • Ground to floor height: approx. 37-inches 
  • Frame is constructed with 4-inch square steel tubes 
  • All bars are interchangable 
  • 1.5-inch high density closed cell foam rubber (will not absorb any liquid) 
  • Canvas & Skirting made from heavy canvas material in various colors  
  • Turnbuckle pads are made from same material & same colors and can be mixed as desired 
  • approx. 54-inches from canvas to top rope 
  • 1/2-inch x 6-inch turnbuckles, 2-inch hole in hooks 
  • Flooring is 21 2x10x16 boards (you can choose to add wood for an additional price)

    Special Features:
  • No underneath cables needed, so you don't waste hours setting up and lining up your ring.
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