The Pro Muay Thai brand is the number one brand of Muay Thai gloves in the world, and the only brand of Muay Thai gloves allowed at many major pro fight events across the USA mostly in California, primarily at the famous Bicycle Casino and at the Burbank Marriot Hotel. Experienced Muay Thai fighters, coaches and promoters trust and depend on PRO Muay Thai to provide the best quality products for Muay Thai training and competition.

Pro Muay Thai Gloves are expertly designed to be the most comfortable, protective fighting and training gloves in the world. Because of our craftsmanship and attention to detail, our Muay Thai gloves are internationally recognized as setting the highest standards of quality. We continue to innovate and work together with the world's best fighters to produce equipment you can depend on.
Suitable for use in sparring, pad work, heavy bag training and amateur competition, our bestselling Velcro Muay Thai Gloves provide excellent wrist support and hand protection. You will find Pro Muay Thai Gloves in the best training places worldwide, because experienced trainers trust Pro Muay Thai quality. Choose between Pro Synthetic or Premium Leather.
Based on the design of our bestselling Velcro Wrist Muay Thai Gloves, our Signature Muay Thai Gloves feature distinctive art that allow you to express your personality and style. 
Also, our Elastic Muay Thai Gloves are very popular because of their snug, comfortable fit and protection, as well as being easy to put on and take off. They are great for sparring and bag training.
For professional competition and old-school training, the Laceup Muay Thai Gloves are a favorite. Pro Muay Thai Laceup Muay Thai Gloves are used in many of the top Muay Thai and kickboxing promotions in the world because in all our products we only use the best materials and never compromise on quality.

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